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Harley-Davidson Tank Emblems
Harley-Davidson Tank Decals


Is this all correct?

 I had a little trouble getting throught all the sign up and was hoping you could tell me if it all looks allright? In the meantime I will attempt to travel the site and ck it all out.

 Thanks, William.


You can try this page. This has some 95th anniversary emblems listed.
This is our special request page - I have some of those emblems listed,
We personally do not have these for sale
Good luck to you.

Good Morning:     I did bid

Good Morning:
     I did bid on those 2 95th Anniversary Emblems,  but was outbid by $1.00.  I see there are both back on the bid board for $114.00 from the $84.00  that they were sold @. hours earlier.
     Do you have any information regarding the "Limited #...... of 3000 Production"?  My tank Plaque is scrubbed clean.   Nedd a new one!

Sorry, I do not have any

Sorry, I do not have any information on the 95th anniversary Harley emblems. You will need to contact the seller direct.
I did recently have a set, but sold them a couple months back
Good luck