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Hello [simplenews-receiver-name],

[no-glossary]A new pre-painted Signature Set was just added. SS#187!

Beautiful rich and deep looking candy tangerine and black 2-tone paint job separated by a silver and black stripe.
The slanted oversized bar and shield really makes this paint job jump!
You can't go wrong with this color combination on a Harley!!! Black, orange and silver!
Great looking set!

We've posted some images, but these were taken right after our Double Dose
See the info and pics here

New updated pics will be posted once we have the set wetsanded and buffed.
This will probably will be next week

We still also have the FXST set that has a black base with candy tangerine/candy red flames.
Awesome set at an awesome price.
Info and pics here

"Auto-Notify" members received a discount on both the above sets.
Reply back using this email for discounted pricing.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or contact us.

Thank you,
Scott Farrell
Attitude Custom Painting



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