1991 Honda Civic

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Paint job on a 1991 Honda Civic

Customer did his own bodywork.
We sanded and sprayed in an enamel with a urethane hardener.

Paint job done in one day (brought in at 2:45 Wed, ready for pickup 11am on Thurs)
Includes sanding, masking, sealer, paint


my durango

i think you did a great job....a quick question of your expertise.....i live ib buffalo, ny...wish i was where you are at.....but i have a maaco close by that offers a enamel paint job.....that honda you did is there a clear coat on that ? and how much more would you charge to do same amount of work on a durango ?


We used PPG Global basecoat/clearcoat on the Honda. Materials alone ran about $800.
Maaco just uses an enamel with hardener in it. Fairly inexpensive paint job. You "should' get a basecoat/clearcoat type paint no matter what color you have.
My saying...

Good Paint Jobs aren't cheap and Cheap Paint Jobs aren't Good!

Good luck!


Customer did his own prep work. This was the least expensive job we did that went through our shop.
It was a single stage enamel

Three in a day??

I have three vehicles needing to be painted ASAP...they involve various levels of work. The first, a C230 Mercedes was damaged on the gas cover and has been repaired and primed....small area. The second, my girlfriends Murano, changing the color from black to white....it has also been repaired, sanded and primed, and wet sanded to be ready for paint. The third, is an old 1986 GMC 1ton utility body work truck I've had sitting around for a few years. Runs well but still needs some minor mechanical repairs. It had major rust in areas.....but all of it has been repaired, bondo, fiberglass, etc., sanded and ready to paint. So the question is... do you think that all three can be painted in a day? My thought is that the C230 gets a quick masking and gets sprayed while the GMC is masked off outside. At 9am, pull the Benz out and pull the GMC in for painting... While it is painted, masking on the Murano outside....around 1pm, pull the GMC out and the Murano in to paint it.... leave the Murano overnight to dry. Using, single stage on the Murano and GMC.... most likely basecoat/clearcoat on Benz. What do you think?? Possible? And how much if you were to paint these for me.... I have the paint and hardener already. THANKS!!!

   Most likely this could not

 Most likely this could not be done without a heated booth. It normally takes about 3-4 hours for it to dry, plus about 2 hours to paint. Plus of course they have to be masked and one of the paint jobs includes the jams.
I did paint 23 cars in one day before but that was at a production shop and I was about 25 when I did it.
One day would really be pushing it.