2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 40th anniversary

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Repainted due to a ding on the right fender, chips on the hood and the front bumper.
Stripped the hood down to alum. Then chromated, and primed the hood.
Removed the front bumper for prep and paint.

Painted, clearcoated, wetsanded and buffed. You can see the reflection of the clouds in the 7th and 8th pics

A lot of chips and where bugs had eaten through the paint

Stripped hood down to the raw alum. Hood was chromated, and epoxy primed.

Repaired a 'ripple' on the left quarter.

Below are 'after' pics

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How Much........

How Much Would A Paint Job Like This Cost For Me.......I Have Da Exact Same Care In Black But I Want It To Be Purple Like A Dark Purple?

Feel free to stop by the

Feel free to stop by the shop. I'd be glad to give you a quote. You should have us do all the jams including the hood, deck, and doors which will make the cost of the job a little higher.
That's a great looking color to see in person!!!!