Copyright Tips!

If the custom painter or shop happens to have a website, be sure and check the 'copyright' dates listed in at the lower portion of their website pages. If the date is outdated, then most likely their content and service is too.

I've come across nice looking custom painting websites only to see that the copyright dates would read 1,2, 3 or even more years out of date. This is an excellent tip I offer. I would suggest you use on ANY type of website you come across and consider doing a purchase.
I use this tip all the time no matter what I am purchasing.

As the 'internet' progresses, some sites, pages, business, become stagnant and and get left on the internet. These pages may look like legit pages and business, when in reality, they no longer exist as businesses.


Also, look for the websites that change their website copyright even before the year is here. Yes, I've seen it done. One of my competitors put 2009 5 months before it was even 2009.

Want to see how long a website has really been on the internet? Check out the Wayback Machine. This company claims it's website content has been copyright from 1999-2009.
Our Attitude Custom Painting website has been in business since April 2001
I'm sure if you check all our competitor website using the Wayback Machine, you will see that we were one of the first internet custom motorcycle paint shops with a true internet painting business.

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