Dated website content

While browsing through our website, please notice all the “dates” listed on our site.  For instance, in the Samples of Work section, you will see the date the job was posted. You will also see the same in the Customer Rides section as these also have dates listed.   In addition, ALL of our testimonials are dated back to 2002.

Wonder why we do this? So you, the customer can see that our website is updated weekly (sometimes daily). Some other sites are outdated with old content, some don't even have ANY dates on them.
  And, if you don't check the site out often, you wouldn't  have any idea when the last time they added a job because dates are not provided. They just have the generic job listings, testimonials, customer rides pics with no dates. We at ACP feel that a website with dated content shows you how well a website is moving and can give you an important indication of how the business is doing.  Our website is continually ‘moving’ and we’re always adding new content.  This is a good thing to keep in mind while shopping for a custom painter to do your bike!

Also, be sure and read our  “Copyright Tips” located in the "Shopping Tips" section of the FAQ and Tips section

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