Is the shipping included in the paint costs?

Shipping costs are not included in the paint cost. This way, you can also choose which type of shipping you would like. Most choose 'ground', but you could go 2 or 3 day if you would like.
Average cost to ship 3 parts UPS ground is approx $90-$140

The lower end would be a smaller fendered bike like a Sportster and the higher end would be a larger fendered bike like a Fatboy or Heritage.
Of course other variables come into play. Cost is assuming that you do not have a packing company pack the parts for you. 

Baggers will cost more - expect anywhere from $325-$450 each way.
Cost will vary. If you have larger aftermarket parts like stretched bags, a wrap front fender, stretched rear fender, expect the cost to be on the higher end.

Also cost depends on where you are shipping them from. We are in the Tampa, FL area, so if you are in CA of course, this would be on the higher end.


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