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Due to the overwhelming calls and emails we get of painters wanting help,
ACP has decided to setup a ‘help line’

Fellow Painters...
Need help? Have a question?

We can help you with pretty much anything paint or body related whether it’s
motorcycle, car or truck related.

  • Need to know the process of spraying metalflake?
  • Have a question about certain steps used in painting?
  • Have questions about buffing?
  • Need to know info.
  • Want to know a particular color we used?
  • Want to know the process of a particular job?

    We charge a $30 fee per timeframe (spend up to 10 minutes and I will answer any painting
    questions that you may have).

Feel free to call 727-527-8275 (please have cc info ready).
We will take your phone number, process your credit card, then call you back.

Or, check out the info on the  Custom Paint Forum