Reflection Pics

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One of the main differences different between a quality paint job and a regular inexpensive cheap paint job.
Other Shopping Tips.

The pics below show the reflection off of a few of our paint jobs. You will notice no lines, no edges, and no orange peel! This is very important to a quality custom paint job.
If you are choosing a painter that you can't see their work in person, be sure and request some 'close-up' pics.

Click on any of the below to see the larger image

Want to see more "reflection pics"?
The next 2 pics show our nice consistent outlines.
The last three pics show a factory 'color shop' set from Harley-Davidson.
As you can see clearly in the pics, you see thick orange peel. And not only do you feel the edge on
the graphics, you can see the edge on the graphics. We have to spot in the bag for a local H-D dealership due to a 'sag' that was left in the paint on an edge.